29 January 2015

Setbacks in Training

I skipped out on training on Tuesday evening.

Skipped out probably isn't the best way to describe it. When I say that I feel like someone trying to skip class and not be found out. Saying "I bailed on training" also seems to imply that I would have rather been somewhere else than training.

None of the above statements are true, however.

I opted out of my training session because of injuries that started last week. When I start to train, this pain happen in my left leg, especially when I start to train a lot, especially sparring. The bouncing on my toes seems to aggravate one muscle posteriorly and I can usually push through it before giving it some rest, and then after resting it doesn't seem to be a problem. Perhaps if I had not trained on Friday and given my gimpy leg an extra night off I could have concentrated better, sparred better, and not gotten my toes caught in Ryan's forearm protector. Since then my left metatarsals have been a bit discoloured, swollen, and painful to walk on.

Looking back, I should have rested on Friday, but all I could this was "I don't have time to rest, I AM TRAINING FOR THE DUTCH OPEN."

OK, I know I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself, but this is going to be the biggest and one of the highest regarded competitions I'll ever go to. I'm even going to get a 1.08  Olympic ranking point for just participating!

But then I came across this article on the Juggernaut website. Different sport covered of course, but it was a reflection of one athlete's journey through injuries, not listening to their body, and not assertively managing the niggles. As much as I really didn't want to miss out on a chance to train on Tuesday I made the decision to not train, and will have to look at modifying the kind of training I will be doing for the rest of week. It's unrealistic to expect not to receive any injuries during training in a combat sport and need a couple days rest here and there. It was good to have a reality check, discard the pressures I have put on myself, and remember to listen to my own body.

This set back will not bring me down!

- - -

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