16 March 2015

Taekwondo Dutch Open 2015

What a competition. What a weekend. And what an experience.

I'm only starting to digest the last couple weeks now as I have some time to settle down and reflect on the last 10 weeks, especially the last couple days leading up to the event. But I can say that the Dutch Open is one of the coolest competitions I've ever had the opportunity to compete in.

07 March 2015

BzzAgent: Arla Protein Yogurt

Sponsored pic

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll see me tweet every now and again with hashtags of "GotItFree" or "BzzAgent". They're not sponsored tweets, but I don't try to hide that I get to try a couple products for free throughout the year. Earlier this year I was given a free voucher for myself to try a product called Arla Protein Yogurt snacks, and a handful to give away to people at a discount.

Everybody loves a discount
Since the beginning of the year I have been more strict with my diet and trying to eat clean most of the time. I wanted to get into the -62kg category for the Dutch Open, but since having trouble to shift enough weight I have decided to stay in the -67kg category. That hasn't stopped me from wanting to eat well and fuel my training properly. So a couple of weeks ago I finally purchased all three flavours of the yogurts (got mine free) and ended up trying the raspberry one first, as raspberry is my favourite flavour for other yogurts.

Snapshot of my fridge.
I have to say that I was disappointed with the taste. Yes the yogurt was filling, yes it's handy as a snack either between meals, and yes it meets my dietary requirements but it was bland as hell. My husband tried the blueberry yogurt (typically his yogurt flavour favourite) and he reported the same thing. The comparison I can make is the difference between a flapjack and a protein flapjack: filling but bland, so I'm not too sure why I thought protein yogurt would be any different.

Post-Workout snack. Yum yum...
But there's still a market for high protein products I suppose. Why else would protein bars and shakes still be on the shelves?

The only positive thing I have to say about Arla Protein Yogurts is the packaging: the cardboard/paper label can be separated from the plastic to be recycled separately. I'm a fan of looking after the environment so I was super impressed with the container's design.

Overall, Clifford and I gave the product 3/5 because you could spruce up the yogurt with museli, nuts, and dried fruit, but sometimes that's not always convenient.