17 April 2015

A to Z Challenge: O is for Olympus Has Fallen

Movie: Olympus Has Falled (2013)

Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5

General Impression: Action. Check. More Action. Check.

So there's a little more than just action in this movie, but it's not that complicated of a plot line either: The White House has been invaded and the President of the USA has been held hostage by the North Koreans.

Gerard Butler (swoon) is back playing yet another American, but again, he pulls off this character quite well: a brooding, angsting close protection officer that failed to protect a family member of the President a few years ago. Aaron Eckhart plays president quite well and Morgan Freeman's role as Speaker is also well played.

I enjoyed the movie but didn't give it a higher rating for a few reasons: 1) Gerard Butler is speaking with an American accent; 2) there were moments where the movie really dragged; 3) there were many moments of unbelievable feats of one man gunning his way to herodom. Some were OK, others were like "Yeah, whatever."and 4) no real female characters of interest.

Ah well, a slightly updated version of the classic action movie formula with some good acting.

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